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On behalf of the entire DWGA Board, welcome to the 2023 golf season! We hope you will take advantage of the full schedule of events we have planned. 

Golf Etiquette

Golf Etiquette

The first rule of golf talks about playing in the spirit of the game – acting with integrity, showing consideration to others, and taking good care of the course. Being aware of and practicing golf etiquette is almost as important as the rules themselves.

No one cares how good you are, or even if you know all the rules (as long as you play by the rules). But they do care if you are slow, if you talk during their swing or walk on their line, if you stand in the wrong place, if you don’t rake the bunker, if you throw your club or leave a large divot. Always be aware of showing consideration for your playing partners and the course and you’ll be a great playing companion. Here are a few links to help you out.

13 Rules of Golf Etiquette (for Dummies)

Golf Etiquette Guide for Beginner Golfers

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