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On behalf of the entire DWGA Board, welcome to the 2023 golf season! We hope you will take advantage of the full schedule of events we have planned. 

Rules of Golf

Rules of Golf


There are 24 rules of golf. The rules are the same worldwide and are jointly written and administered by the United States Golf Association (USGA) and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews (R&A). Rules are typically revised every four years to address individual issues.

In 2012 the USGA and R&A began a major rules modernization initiative to simplify and bring the rules up to date. The new, modernized rules went into effect the beginning of 2019. The current rules of golf and numerous resources are provided on the USGA website at

Basic Rules of Golf

Everyone needs to understand the basic rules of golf. They are simplified and summarized in the articles below:

Basic Rules of Golf Explained for Beginners in Plain English

The Dead Simple Guide to the Rules of Golf (2019 New Rules Version)

What to Do If You Don’t Know A Rule

Golf rules can be confusing and there will be times when you’re not sure what the rule is or how to handle a situation on the course. Here’s what to do if you are playing and you are not sure about a golf rule:

· Ask your fellow competitors to see if they can help.

· Carry a reference card or rules book or cell phone with you so you can quickly look up the rule.

· Call the Pro Shop or rules official for a ruling.

· If you simply don’t know how to score a situation (e.g. how many penalty strokes to take), circle the hole and ask the golf pro when you finish your round and before you sign your scorecard.

· If you are unsure about the right procedure to follow while playing a hole, you are allowed to complete the hole with two balls and then determine the proper score after play. Rule 20 – Resolving Issues During Round, describes the procedures to follow.

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