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Tournament Results for 2017 Bash to the Beach


Place   Team Member 1 Team Member 2 Score Comments
OVERALL GROSS   Sandy Scitti Colleen Hacker 83 39 on back 9
OVERALL NET   Celeste Beaupre Terry High 65  
FLIGHT 1 1st Gross Mo Gallagher Donna Tanguay 83  
  2nd Gross Jeanne Saulsbury Judy Larson 84  
  1st Net Shelly Pinkerton Joan Martin 68  
  2nd Net Lisa Dillon Becky Caprano 70 34 on back 9
  3rd Net Sue Bennett Donna Murray 70 36 on back 9
FLIGHT 2 1st Gross  Margaret Love-O’Hern  Mary Ferraro  84  
  2nd Gross  Diane Braver  Camille Croteau  89  43 on back 9
  1st Net  Mo Reardon  Mary Dale Craig  72  32 on back 9
  2nd Net  Susan Eichler  Wendy Webb  72  33 on back 9
  3rd Net  Bernie Weed  Keven Lawson  72  35 on back 9
FLIGHT 3 1st Gross  Sue Bardsley  Ann Farley  92  
  2nd Gross  Mary Aikin  Shannon Rivera  94  
  1st Net  Jeannine Doane  Carol Simon  66  
  2nd Net  Linda Zadjura  Brenda Chisolm  69  33 on back 9
  3rd Net  Lynnda Reid  Marie Curran  75  
FLIGHT 4 1st Gross  Katie Heintz  Arlyce Dubbin  96  
  2nd Gross  Donna Weirback  Linda French  100  
  1st Net  Nan Martino  Carolyn Ortwein  68  
  2nd Net  Maddy Polhemus  Linda Welch  74  
   3rd Net  Barbara DeRue  Betty Black  75  
  Hole #8 Colleen Hacker Sandy Scitti 14′  
  Hole #16 Susan MacNab Grace Messner 8′ 8″  
50/50 Winner   Linda Welch      
Wine Hunt Winners   Shelly Pinkerton      
    Donna Weirback      
    Deb Ronemus      
    Terry High      


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