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On behalf of the entire DWGA Board, welcome to the 2023 golf season! We hope you will take advantage of the full schedule of events we have planned. 

Pace of Play

Pace of Play

Maintaining pace of play is an important component of golf etiquette. It’s up to you and each member of your group to make sure you are keeping up with the group in front of you. Your pace of play is not based on what the group behind you is doing.  

Here are some practical suggestions for keeping up your pace of play: 

  • Watch everyone’s shot so you can help locate their ball if needed. 
  • Grab the club you plan to use for your tee shot and stand ready at the tee box when your playing partner is teeing off so you can go as soon as she is done. 
  • Take more than one club if you have to walk to your ball and are unsure of the distance. 
  • Be ready to hit when it’s your turn. Go to your ball while others are hitting if you will not be in their line. 
  • If in doubt if a ball of out of bounds or lost, hit a provisional ball and tell the other players of your intentions. 
  • Limit your practice to one swing unless it’s a difficult lie. 
  • Park your cart beyond the pin so you can leave the green quickly. 
  • Announce scores on the green but record scores on the next tee box. 
  • Don’t worry about those behind you – keep up with those in front of you. 

The following links have more suggestions for keeping up your pace of play.

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Maximum Score Per Hole

Picking up your ball when you reach your maximum score on a hole is also a key to speeding up play. For handicap purposes, the maximum score you can take for a hole is net double bogey, which is equal to par + 2 strokes (double bogey) + any handicap strokes you get on that hole. You should always pick up on a hole when you reach this score (or in the case of a tournament, whatever maximum score, if any, is established). 


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