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On behalf of the entire DWGA Board, welcome to the 2023 golf season! We hope you will take advantage of the full schedule of events we have planned. 

Tournament Policies

Accidental Movement of a Ball on the Putting Green

DWGA has adopted the USGA's local rule that eliminates the penalty for all circumstances when a player, an opponent or either of their partners, caddies or equipment accidentally moves a ball or ball marker on a putting green.  Click here for the USGA publication explaining the rule.

Caddie Policy

Caddies are not required and will not be provided.  A player may provide her own caddie if the host club permits caddies.  The player may not use a parent, step-parent, guardian or golf professional as a caddie for any competition.

In accordance with USGA Rule 6-1, the player and her caddie are responsible for knowing the rules.  For any breach of a rule by her caddie, the player incurs the applicable penalty.

Cart Fees

Cart fees are included as part of the tournament entry fee.  In events where walking is an option, a competitor who elects to walk is not entitled to a refund for the cart fee.  All golf carts are leased from the club.  The cart driver / operator must have a valid driver’s license and is responsible to the host club for any abuse or damages to the golf cart.

Cell Phone Policy

Use of cell phones for calls and texting during a tournament are strictly forbidden except for emergencies.  They  may be used as a measuring device.

Code of Conduct

Participants shall maintain proper course etiquette and play the game in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

Any rules violation or scoring dispute shall be brought to the attention of the tournament committee before signing the scorecard.

The tournament committee has the authority to disqualify a player or players from a tournament.  The Executive Board has the authority to suspend a player or players from all DWGA sponsored events for violation of the Code of Conduct.

Any complaints against an individual, team or the DWGA must be submitted in writing within 10 days of the completion of the event in which the subject of the complaint occurred to:

Distance Measuring Devices

Distance Measuring Devices that meet the stipulations in USGA Rule 14-3 (do not measure slope) will be allowed in DWGA tournaments.

Dress Code

Players are required to dress appropriately for the golf course:  no denim.  Certain clubs may have more strict dress codes which will be enforced accordingly.  Please contact the host club with any questions.


Tournament eligibility requirements for each DWGA tournament are listed on the event entry form and corresponding online registration page.  Please direct any eligibility questions to the DWGA by email using the "Contact Us" form.


Except for the Amateur, all players will be placed into flights according to their COURSE handicap, not their handicap index.  The Amateur will have a Championship flight comprised of players with a 9.9 or less course handicap.


It is important to understand that your USGA Handicap Index is a number used to measure your skill and is generally used to compare players on a unilateral level.  Each course has a conversion chart to determine your course handicap at its facility.

Your GHIN Handicap Index will be the initial number used to determine your course handicap for tournament play.

Course handicaps will be determined from handicap indices and limited to 36 for all DWGA tournaments.

Pace of Play

USGA policy for pace of play by amateurs will be enforced.

Groups must play ready golf and not take any longer than our pace of play rating.

  1. Groups out of position with those ahead of them will be first given a warning by the course marshal.

  2. If that group does not speed up their pace of play, they will then be put on the clock and timed. Each player in that group will be given 45 seconds to hit their ball from the time they leave their cart. 

  3. Failure to meet the time requirements will result in the offending player/s being assessed a 1 stroke penalty. The penalty will be recorded on the hole where the infraction occurred.

  4. DWGA reserves the right to exclude players, who continue to violate pace of play policy, from future tournament play.

Prize Redemption

All tournament winnings will be credited, in the player’s name, with the host club golf shop.  Players should make every effort to redeem their credit as soon as possible.  All credit must be redeemed by November 30 of the current year.

Rain Dates / Cancellations

All tournaments and events listed are subject to cancellation, change of date and/or change of venue.  Any and all changes will be posted on the DWGA website.

In the event of a delay or cancellation of an event due to weather, the DWGA and the host club will make every effort to notify participants in a timely manner and reschedule an event to the best of their ability.  Refunds will be given to participants if they cancel at least 10 days before the rescheduled date.

Always be prepared to play in moderate rain.

Refund Policy

Entry fees will not be refunded unless cancellation of the entry is made prior to the tournament closing date.  There will be no refunds after the closing date of a tournament. Refunds for partner tournaments will be sent to the individual(s) who submitted payment with the entry.


After play, promptly return the scorecard to the scoring area.  If a player withdraws during play of an event, please notify a DWGA official or host club staff and return the scorecard.

Spectator Policy

A.  NO SPECTATORS are permitted except for the Women’s Amateur and Senior Women’s Amateur, provided the host club allows spectators.  If the host club denies spectators, DWGA will abide by those policies.

B.  Spectators are not permitted to use cellular phones on the competition course.

C.  Players may not ask for or receive advice from spectators.  The penalty is two strokes.  The player is responsible for following this rule.

D.  Spectators must remain on cart paths whether walking or using motorized carts, and must remain behind the competitors at all times.  If using golf carts, the spectators must obey all cart rules of the host club.


F.  Spectators who do not comply with this policy will be asked to leave the golf course.

Starting Times

All players are responsible for knowing their tee time which will be emailed and posted on the DWGA website.  At the event, players are encouraged to be ready for play 10 minutes prior to their tee time or shotgun start to receive instructions and local rules information.

Per USGA Rule 6-3

 The player must start at the time established by the tournament committee.


Tie Breaker Policy

We will follow USGA guidelines, match of cards starting with the Back 9, Back 6, Back 3, Hardest Handicap Hole, 2nd Hardest Handicap Hole, etc. with the exception of first place in the Amateur Women’s Championship Division and for any ties for the overall Senior Women's Champion.  The tie breaking method will be announced prior to the start of each tournament.

For the Women's and Senior Women's Amateur Championships, ties will be determined by a 3-hole playoff, followed by sudden death, if necessary.  Players not present for the playoff will forfeit first place if at least one player who is tied for first place is present.  If none of the players tied for first place are present or if there are extenuating circumstances (i.e. not enough daylight, severe weather, etc.), the winner will be decided by a match of cards using the USGA tie breaking method.

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